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Horse mackerel fish is a vague term since there are people who said that horse mackerel is actually not a real mackerel fish. The fish belongs to the Carangidae family and they like to swim by forming large school and often can be seen swimming with other mackerel and herring. There are two main sources of horse mackerel fish and the first one can be found in the North sea while the second one like to swim in the Western sea and often heads west when the fish growing mature. Horse mackerel is often called jack mackerel as well refers to the Atlantic horse mackerel fish which can be found in eastern Atlantic from Norway to the South America and surrounding waters including Black sea and Mediterranean.

About horse mackerel fish sold in the markets
Horse mackerel as pelagic fish is very abundant and this is why there are the most common mackerel fish sold in the markets. Horse mackerel fish can be sold as many product forms such as:
-          Fresh horse mackerel
Horse mackerel that just been caught in the sea sold immediately to the markets and they can be sold as whole round fish or fillets or steaks as well. The fishes are often being frozen before to prevent spoilage. Some of mackerel suppliers like to sold whole round fresh mackerel as Hgt (Headed, Gutted, Tail-off) with the skin still on or Hg (Headed and Gutted) while the tail and skin are not removed. Of course it is slightly difficult to find fresh mackerel if you live far away from coast since fresh product is spoil quickly than frozen mackerel. But, when you want to buy fresh mackerel on trusted fishmongers look at good quality fish with these conditions:
·         Bright and clear eyes
·         Shiny flesh
·         Deep red gills
·         Fresh sea water odor
·         Firm flesh
·         Beware for thawed previously product claimed as fresh mackerel

-          Frozen horse mackerel
Frozen horse mackerel fish will be a good alternative when you cannot find fresh mackerel. You can easily by frozen fish available at grocery stores or supermarkets. There are frozen whole round mackerel, fillets, and steaks. The frozen mackerel is often packaged inside airtight plastic, the plastic is vacuum packaged to prevent the fish hits air so it will not spoil quickly. When you are looking for frozen fish look at these condition so you can get high quality frozen fish:

·         The package is not torn or damaged
·         For frozen whole round fish, look at bright and clear eyes with firm flesh and shiny skin because it is mean that the fish has just been caught
·         No visible freezer burn
·         The flesh look firm and shiny
·         No discoloration
Before you use frozen mackerel, you should thaw the fish by store it inside refrigerator overnight or for quick thawing process. You can soak the fish (still inside the package) in a bowl of ice/ cold water for few hours.
-          Canned horse mackerel
Canned horse mackerel often sold as canned jack mackerel is one of the common mackerel products you likely found at grocery stores or supermarket. It is the best alternative to get healthy nutrition omega 3 intake because canned fish sold in cheaper price than frozen or fresh horse mackerel fish. There are wide ranges of canned mackerel products available at stores such as canned mackerel in oil, brine, springwater, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, hot sauce, and many more. Buying canned product is quick alternative for simple and easy meals; they also still offer numerous healthy nutrients which not only omega 3 but protein, vitamins, and minerals as well. When buying canned product, check the nutrition fact, sustainable fishing method, BPA-free level, and make sure that there is no leaked cans.
Horse mackerel fish can also be eaten raw known as aji mackerel for traditional Japan sushi dish. Aside eating the fish raw, you can cook the fish with several other cooking methods such as baking, grilling, broiling, pan frying, and many more. You can make the fish into your favorite recipes and then included into your diet. Just make sure that you limit the consumption of mackerel fish due to the mercury concern.

Horse mackerel fish is a vague term since there are people who said that horse mackerel is actually not a real mackerel fish. The fish be...

Price of horse mackerel is not constant since it depends on several factors that make the prices go higher and oppositely. Whether you want to buy wholesale of mackerel fish or maybe just small quantity of fish for your pantries, you may want to know how to get inexpensive horse mackerel fish. Mackerel is abundant fish that sold worldwide and they are processed into wide variety of products such as whole round, fillets, steaks, and canned. Horse mackerel which is known as jack mackerel is the most common mackerel species that sold quickly and thus you can easily find good quality fish with cheaper price.

Price of horse mackerel the abundant fish in the ocean
Why you should eat mackerel fish than any other sea foods? Well, first thing first it is because mackerel such as horse mackerel is a healthy fish offering various nutritious benefits such as omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Second, since you want to get cheap but high quality sea foods then mackerel offers more inexpensive price of horse mackerel than other types of fish like salmon or tuna for the simple reason which is because they are more abundant.
Now, here are some guides to buy cheap price of house mackerel fish:
-          Find local fishmonger or market
If your preference lands to fresh mackerel instead of frozen fish then you need to find local groceries or fishmongers. It is important to be able to get trusted and reputable groceries or fishmongers that can offer you fresh mackerel fish. If you buy your fish locally, the prices are cheaper than you importing mackerel fish since the prices will go higher with shipping cost and such.
-          Try fresh whole round mackerel for the first option
Before you buying fillets or steaks, you may want to try fresh mackerel whole round because it is way cheaper than fillets or steaks which you likely found in supermarkets. If you want to get fillets or steaks, then you can simply take out whole round fish and then fillet the fish yourself or ask the local fishmongers to clean and filleting the whole round mackerel.
-          Look for sustainable horse mackerel fish
Nowadays, sustainable fishing method becomes important when buying mackerel fish and if you really care about eco-friendly thing then you should also buy mackerel fish that has been caught with sustainable harvesting method. Of course if you buy fresh fish, usually there is no label that mention about the fishing method they are use to catch the fish, however you can always ask the seller. Different case applied when you want to buy canned horse mackerel because many manufacturers now often labeled their fishing method on the cans. As for fillets or steaks products also have fishing method labels sometimes depending on the sellers.
-          Buying large amount of fish to get cheap bargain
If you want to open a business such as seafood restaurant then you may need to buy large quantities of fish including mackerel. Find good and reputable mackerel suppliers who accept large or small quantities mackerel order and you can ask them for some discount to get cheap price of horse mackerel tocks. Some suppliers have minimum order condition and thus you can ask them whether they will give discount for certain amount of mackerel orders.
-          Go with canned mackerel product if you really low in budget
Buying fresh fish is hard since they are not available every day and especially if you are not live near coast or if there is no trusted fishmongers who can offer you good quality of fish. So, the best alternative for this is to purchase canned horse mackerel labeled as jack mackerel tin fish product. Canned fish is famously known as the cheapest sea food products and they are available every day plus you can found them easily anywhere worldwide. There is nothing wrong by purchasing canned product because they also offer good nutritional fish inside a package of steel or aluminum cans. The mackerel is already cooked and so you do not have to spend too much time to clean and prepare the fish unlike fresh or frozen mackerel.
That’s several guides which you can follow to get cheap price of horse mackerel.

Price of horse mackerel is not constant since it depends on several factors that make the prices go higher and oppositely. Whether you wa...

Wholesale mackerel price offers cheaper cost than buying retailer. If you can find suppliers which are able to sell you fish products at the right price then it will affect the success of your business and making them as long time partner would be best. Once, you are sure that you want to open a business such as restaurant, now it is the time you need to find trusted vendors or suppliers with the best services and high quality products. A wholesale supplier is an important element for the success of your restaurant and if you are not sure how to start, you can learn these tips below.
Tips to find cheap wholesale mackerel price
Before you start to order and get some wholesale mackerel price deal with vendors, you may want to visit competitor’s restaurant first which selling similar product just like yours which is using mackerel fish and other fish species as the main ingredients. You maybe want to check what kind of mackerel fish is the best one to have and use by check your competitor’s menu.
After that you can try to start searching wholesale mackerel suppliers based on the types:
-          Manufacturers: Large manufacturers sometime willing to purchase large quantities or high minimum order for mackerel products. They also offer cheap wholesale mackerel price directly to the retailer. If you can find such manufacturers, then do not hesitate to contact them first, however if not then you can ask to them which distributors they sell their products so you can contact the distributor instead.
-          Distributors: A distributor usually sells wide variety of fish species including mackerel. However, since they get their products not from the first source and they need to make some profits too, they will offer wholesale mackerel price slightly higher than manufacturers. The advantage for buying from distributor is that you can purchase mackerel products from them with little to no minimum order. Some distributors even offer free shipping cost if you order certain quantities of products.
-          Importers: Of course this will be your last alternative, if you cannot find either distributors or manufacturers that meet your requirement. Thanks that due to globalization, importing seafood products now becomes a lot easier than it used to be. You can try to buy from importers or find foreign companies to order mackerel fish. However, before you really make a deal with them, you need to spend some time to do a research for several aspects such as shipping cost, product’s quality, product distribution, terms and conditions, and other costs involved.
-          Other liquidators and wholesalers: If lucky, you can find other wholesalers or vendors that offer mackerel fish, but maybe they usually do not sell just one type of products but many kinds of seafood and fish oils products. Some even can offers damaged or poor fishes. Before you order from this kind of suppliers, be sure that you understand their products; wholesale mackerel fish price information, terms, and conditions.
-          Auctions: In several areas near the coast or fish markets, sometimes you will be able to find auction products including mackerel fish. Of course you cannot purchase large quantities in this place, but if you just need small mackerel products then you can try to find your source here.
It is the time you need to choose your trusted and reliable vendors
Once that you located several vendors and evaluate each vendor while comparing them one by one, it is the time you need to pick trusted and reliable vendors. In order to offer high quality menus to your customers, you should get vendors that offer best quality mackerel products with reliable delivery and good customer services. This information can be collected through marketing material, references, or simply by asking and contacting the vendors. Here are several other factors which you need to considerate when you want to find wholesale suppliers:
-          Price
-          Shipping cost
-          Customer service
-          Location
-          Shipping options
-          Business hours
-          Terms of sale
-          Returned products
-          Stability
-          Online purchasing
When you want to find suppliers offering inexpensive wholesale mackerel price, it might be need some time but do not discouraged because we are sure that you finally be able to find a reliable suppliers for your business.

Wholesale mackerel price offers cheaper cost than buying retailer. If you can find suppliers which are able to sell you fish products at ...

Mackerel fish fillet is available with wide range of product forms. Of course when you hear the words fish fillet, you must think about how you need to fillet a whole round of fish manually and skillfully with sharp knife. It is true that if you know how to fillet a whole round fish, you can try it yourself to fillet a fish like this mackerel. However, not all people know how filleting a fish in whole round and this is why markets help those people who cannot filleting a fish themselves with mackerel fillets.
Two types of mackerel fish fillet products
There are two products regarding fish fillet, the first one is frozen fish fillet which mean that a whole round mackerel is being filleted by the supplier or fishmonger already and then frozen. The filleted fish will be packaged into airtight plastic before sold to various seafood markets. The frozen fish fillet is already boned, skinned, gutted, and then the tail is removed. You can seasoning or marinate them on your own before cook the fillet into healthy dishes or simply eating them raw as delicious mackerel sushi serve with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi.
The second one which is a lot cheaper is canned mackerel fish fillet. This kind of fillet is in whole different level since they are packaged inside steel or aluminum cans/ tins. Canned mackerel fillet is of course more portable and handier than frozen fillet but the quality is usually lower than the frozen fish due to the canning process. However, when it comes to the simpler, quicker, and easier cooking preparation then you can always depend on canned fish fillet products since they are already being cooked and so you can even eat them straight out of the can without need to cook the mackerel fish anymore.
The nicest thing about canned mackerel fish in fillet form is that, you can buy the one with extra seasonings already. There are mackerel fish fillet canned which processed with additional ingredients to strengthen the flavor such as mackerel fish fillet in chili herb, mackerel fillet in tomato sauce, mackerel fillet in mustard, and many more. Here are several examples of canned mackerel fillet products, such as:
1.      Canned mackerel fillet in oils: This product soaked the fish in oils such as olive oil as the most popular oil than sunflower or vegetable oil since it is way healthier than the rest of the oils preservation, let alone soybean oil. The mackerel fish is packaged with extra virgin olive oil which makes the texture and taste better. The mackerel full of nutrition pack and can be eaten alone after the oil has been drained off or you can mix the mackerel with fresh vegetable to make mackerel salad or as substitute of tuna/ sardine salad recipes. Wide variation of mackerel fish fillet in olive oil including mackerel in chili olive oil, mackerel in oil with tomato sauce, mackerel in oil with green beans, and many more.
2.      Mackerel fish in brine: Brine means that the fish packaged with salt water. This fish has lighter flavor than mackerel fish in oil, but still best to be eaten as mackerel salad. Brine is healthier than mackerel in oils since they can retain omega 3 fish oil better than oil. Wide variation of mackerel fillet in brine including canned grilled mackerel in brine which already being processed and grilled from the factory.
Actually, besides those two types of mackerel fish fillet products, there is mackerel fish packaged in glass jar. If you are uncomfortable with canned product, then you have an option to buy canned mackerel in glass jar. Actually, this product is similar with canned mackerel only the way they are packaged is different. If canned mackerel using steel or aluminum tin to package the fish then this one using airtight glass jar. Of course thanks to the appearance of the jar makes the product more interesting and they can be contained with more mackerel fish than smaller cans.
That’s several types of mackerel fish fillet which you can purchase. Find trusted brands or mackerel suppliers when you want to purchase above wide variety of mackerel products so you can get the best quality of fillets.

Mackerel fish fillet is available with wide range of product forms. Of course when you hear the words fish fillet, you must think about h...

Horse mackerel frozen is a type of mackerel that belongs to the Carangidae family. The best one is Atlantic horse mackerel which known as Jack mackerel. Why it is frozen? When the mackerel is being caught in the ocean, they need to be frozen immediately to keep the freshness and then delivered to the factory facilities to be processed into various products or simply as whole round mackerel sold to seafood markets as frozen horse mackerel. The frozen process will ensure that the fish stay fresh as long as they can without being spoiled.

Buying horse mackerel frozen fish at stores
Okay, now you maybe want to know how to buy good horse mackerel frozen fish at your local market/ store. First thing first you should know where you buy the fish because you need to have trusted market where they can supply you with bunch of great quality mackerel fish that properly being frozen. Anyway, thanks to today high technology, freezing some fish is no longer an issue and the fish can be frozen quickly right after being harvested so there is big chance to purchase freshest frozen fish.
After you know where you can buy frozen horse mackerel, then follow these guides to find out more:
1.      The type of the fish styles
Before you selecting the fish, you need to think what kind of frozen fish styles you want to buy, since there are wide variety of frozen mackerel such as horse mackerel frozen fillets, steaks, and whole round. Maybe you can considerate the price when it came to choose which mackerel fish, and you must already knew that whole round fish will be cheaper than mackerel fillets or steaks.
2.      Select whole round mackerel frozen fish
Okay, so we assume that you want to purchase mackerel fish in whole round and then the next thing you need to do is go with visual inspection. Look at the mackerel fish eyes and they should be clear bright without sunken features. Great frozen whole round fish should have shiny and clear eyes since it is mean the fish still fresh and not too long was caught.
Second, check the fins to ensure that both dorsal fins and tail are healthy looking and intact perfectly. If the frozen fish is already kept too long, the fins will look drier and brittle. Next, you can touch or poke the fish too check its texture if the frozen fish is not packaged inside airtight plastic bag. If the fishmonger or market’ staff allowing you to touch the horse mackerel frozen then ensure that the flesh does not feel too sticky and with a little pressure from your finger, the flesh should spring back to its natural shape. If the flesh does not spring back when you press it then it is mean the fish is already too long on the display. Next, you need to inspect the gills as well to check the color and the vitality. The gills should look fresh, clean, and cold. If the fish is already frozen too long then the gills will turn darker. Touch the scales, the fish should have shiny and firm scales and if the fish has flaky and drier scales then do not buy it.
3.      Find out how the fish is frozen
If possible, you can ask how the mackerel suppliers or fishmonger frozen the mackerel. There are manufactures which like to wait until it has already aged to be frozen. The right frozen process is that the fish should immediately being frozen after caught in the cold temperatures to prevent ice crystal damage. When the horse mackerel frozen is sold, the fish should properly be packaged or stored.
Before you use horse mackerel frozen product, you need to thaw the fish for the first. The safest method to thaw the frozen fish is slowly being thawed inside refrigerator. What you need to do is just store the mackerel frozen in the coldest part of the refrigerator overnight. The next day, you can take out the fish and use it as soon as possible. If you want to use the fish immediately, then you can thaw the fish with cold water by soaked it with inside a bowl.

Horse mackerel frozen is a type of mackerel that belongs to the Carangidae family. The best one is Atlantic horse mackerel which known as...

Price of fresh mackerel is a lot cheaper than you buy fillets or steaks. Of course the disadvantageous for having fresh seafood is that you need to use them within hours before they are spoilage. However, fresh fish is the healthiest seafood without need to go through chemical or canning process first and they are offer numerous beneficial protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Finding the freshest mackerel fish sometime a bit tricky and if you do not want to end up with bad product, then you can check our guides to find fresh mackerel with affordable prices.

How to find good price of fresh mackerel with best quality product
Maybe you already feel overwhelmed watching various mackerel species at the seafood counter. Which price of fresh mackerel is cheaper? Which is good? Is the fish sustainable caught? With all these questions and confusions, you may in the end avoid buying mackerel fish since you are afraid whether you will end up with bad sea food or not. That’s totally unfortunate because mackerel fish especially the fresh one is an excellent choice for healthy omega 3 fatty acids oil and protein as well as other nutrition. In addition, mackerel fish is easy to be prepared and cooked at home making it a good meal for diet or quick breakfast.
It is quite challenging to find fresh fish indeed and sometimes the fresh mackerel you buy actually has been frozen before. Fish mackerel sold as fresh seafood can be caught from one day to a week or two out of the ocean. The fish is keeping in the ice to maintain the freshness and then after that labeled as fresh fish. Even locally caught mackerel fish need to travel long distant and takes days to get from the boat to truck to the wholesalers and then retailers which finally end to your kitchen.
Here are the guides to find best quality of mackerel fish with inexpensive price of fresh mackerel fish:
1.      Fishing method
It is required that you need to find out whether the fresh mackerel has been caught from the ocean or taken from farm fishing. The sellers who offering mackerel fish is also required telling their customers. Moreover, they need to tell you what method they use to catch the mackerel such as line and net caught fish. Generally, mackerel fish caught by line has better quality than net harvesting method. As for farm harvesting, it is become larger nowadays and has contribute about half of our seafood. But it has some risk with unbalance diet and contamination.
2.      Fresh mackerel at seafood market
You need to buy fresh mackerel and choose seafood market with knowledgeable staffs or fishmongers since they will be able to tell you which mackerel is good and not. You can also ask them reasonable price of fresh mackerel according to their qualities. Fresh mackerel fish is also need to be displayed and sold attractively to catch customer’s attention and to ensure them that the fish is in good condition by the fishmongers or staffs.
3.      Handle properly
This is why you need to buy fresh mackerel fish in dependable and reputable markets or fishmongers since good suppliers will be able to handle the fish for you properly. When you are shopping fresh mackerel, you need to tell them to pack the fish with separated bags of crushed ice to keep the mackerel cold and fresh. When you get home, quickly store the fresh mackerel into the refrigerator if you do not want to use it immediately. But the fish can stay for one or two days only for whole round fish, fillets, and steaks. Place the fish in the plastic bag and the put bag filled with ice on top of the fish to keep the freshness. When you want to use it, thaw the fish. Mackerel fish will thaw quickly.
4.      How to get cheap bargain
Price of fresh mackerel will go cheaper when the fish is abundant. Mackerel fish is an abundant fish so the change to get inexpensive fresh mackerel is high. Meanwhile, you better go with fresh whole round fish since they are cheaper than fillets or steaks.

Price of fresh mackerel is a lot cheaper than you buy fillets or steaks. Of course the disadvantageous for having fresh seafood is that y...

Mackerel fish is a name applied to different types of pelagic fish in the ocean. They habitat are in tropical and temperate sea. They can be found easily along the offshore or the coast on ocean environment. Mackerel as food is very popular just like other oily fish such as sardines, tuna, and salmon. However mackerel usually have smaller size compared to the other types of these fish. Mackerel is an important sea food consumed worldwide and it provides many nutrition that are good for body: protein, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate, and omega 3 fatty acids. Using mackerel as one of the dietary menus is recommended because they are low in calories and fats. Mackerel fish also popular for Japanese sushi dish ingredient.
Different types of mackerel fish in ocean
Below are several different types of mackerel fish in the ocean which maybe you curious about such as:
·         Atka Mackerel
Atka mackerel can be found in US – Alaska and this is a kind of fish that managed well during fishery while damaged to the seafloor less. The best thing about Atka mackerel is compared to the other fish, it has low amount of mercury level but high omega 3 fatty acids content. The eco-rating for this mackerel fish type are okay.
·         King Mackerel
Before you consume King Mackerel fish, it is better to think twice because this large size of fish has the highest level of methyl mercury compared to the other mackerel on this list. King mackerel live in temperate and tropical waters of western Atlantic and this fish can reach almost 1.8 meters or 6-ft in length. In addition of why you better avoid this fish is because in some area, they can bring toxins such as scombroid or ciguatoxin that lead to an illness. The best thing about King Mackerel is that they mostly wild captured instead of fish farm by marine fisheries.
·         Spanish Mackerel
Just like King Mackerel, this is a kind of fish that you need to be avoided due to the high level of mercury content. This fish still silvery relative of the tuna and they like to migrate in large school or group. As for the length size, they can grow up to 0.9 meters or almost 3-ft. The fish may contain ciguatoxin as well which very toxic and can cause an illness. Spanish mackerel of course, they easily found in Spain followed by US. They also wildly captured by marine fisheries using hooks, trap nets, and beach seines.
·         Atlantic Mackerel
Atlantic mackerel can be found in United States and Canada as well as in North Atlantic. It is a relative of the tuna and they like to swim around cold temperate waters in Atlantic. The amazing thing about this fish is that they like to form a large school and they can live up to 17 years. However, they are small in size because they only can grow maximum 61 cm or 2-ft. They came from marine fisheries and not fish farm which is good and they often been caught using tools such as pound nets, hooks plus lines, trawls and seines, gillnets, and beach seines. This mackerel are good to be eaten because low in mercury with high omega 3 fatty acids level.
Since the level of mercury and omega 3 in each mackerel are different one to another, there are some recommended serving per month which is need to be noted to avoid excess consumption of the mackerel fish. Of course if you body consume too much mercury, it will give a bad effect for health even though the fish carry high quality omega 3 fats. This is particularly need to be followed for pregnant or nursing women, young children, and baby because they are more sensitive to the mercury and it can affect them especially for pregnant women since the substances can affect their infant.
King mackerel will be the last choice if you want to eat mackerel and then followed by Spanish mackerel, Atlantic mackerel, and Atka mackerel. In conclusion, you should limit the consumption of the fish according to the level of mercury. For example, Atka Mackerel are okay to be served 4+ per month while King Mackerel less than 1 for men while women and young children better to not touch it.

Mackerel fish is a name applied to different types of pelagic fish in the ocean. They habitat are in tropical and temperate sea. They can...