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Now there is new supplier tuna verification rule made by the FDA for tuna food import into the United State area. United State itself is one of the biggest tuna importer nations, as example in 2012 there are more than twenty three millions of canned tuna cartons are imported into the nation. This show that there are many products made using tuna fish as the ingredient which imported into the nation. With the risk available on the tuna fish product which made outside the country, make FDA want to make sure that the products which enter the country is indeed safe.
FDA Foreign Supplier Tuna Verification Rule
The new supplier tuna verification rule itself is only done to foreign supplier as part of the new FSMA act and rule. This act stated that all food item importers including food made from tuna ingredient should be accountable and able to verify that the tuna making process they do in foreign country already implement modern technology with prevention oriented practice on the food safety of their product. Thus the new FSVP rule is created as the implementation of this new act which created to ensure the safety of the product made by foreign food supplier including tuna supplier.
With this new supplier tuna verification rule, the supplier will need to give sufficient guarantee that the tuna product item they imported is created with the required procedure and process which includes the risk prevention based control. The FDA will use a third party rule for the accreditation rule. With this rule FDA will be able to ensure the independence of auditor from third party which will do the auditing process for the food safety of the supplier production in the foreign country.
Actually verification conduct itself is already very common thing which done directly by the company to their foreign supplier. However with this new supplier tuna verification rules which directly done by the FDA means that the verification auditing is now have become a legal requirement for every company. This new rule might be done by the FDA as their respond in the food safety challenge, which has become a new concern on food system by many countries globally.
Furthermore in the united state, the food product which made using tuna as the ingredient is imported from twenty different country. Meanwhile other kind of food products which made using different ingredient are imported from more than one hundred and fifty different country. From the report, it is stated that the seafood product which consumed by the American is actually ninety percent of it is imported from abroad. This is the reason why FDA implement this new rule, so whenever American eat any kinds of food product whether it is comes from imported product or local product they can rest assure and feel safe with what they eat. Especially, since it is the concern that many global people have today.
With the supplier tuna verification rule which already been implemented in the first half of 2017, it is hoped that FDA can face the challenge which faced by all of the global people regarding the food supply which actually very complex system. Of course, the success of this act will highly depend on the partnership with many people in different nation especially inside the business and industrial sector which involved in this act.
The purpose of this act is so FDA is able to verify that the tuna food which made by supplier in foreign country is still using production process which has the same health protection level as the production process which done inside united state. Thus with this rule there is no tuna product which will be misbranded or adulterated regarding the allergen labeling. This is the new and very important reason which becomes the purpose of this new act.
With the implementation of this new rule, then the supplier which imports the tuna food product will also be responsible on the safety of each of the tuna food product that they bring inside the country. Meanwhile the supplier tuna verification rule will act as preventive measurement which done inside the system itself. Thus it is hoped that the rule can effectively prevent any misconduct which may happen inside the production system done by the supplier.

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Now there is new supplier tuna verification rule made by the FDA for tuna food import into the United State area. United State itself is ...

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