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Mackerel fish fillet is available with wide range of product forms. Of course when you hear the words fish fillet, you must think about how you need to fillet a whole round of fish manually and skillfully with sharp knife. It is true that if you know how to fillet a whole round fish, you can try it yourself to fillet a fish like this mackerel. However, not all people know how filleting a fish in whole round and this is why markets help those people who cannot filleting a fish themselves with mackerel fillets.
Two types of mackerel fish fillet products
There are two products regarding fish fillet, the first one is frozen fish fillet which mean that a whole round mackerel is being filleted by the supplier or fishmonger already and then frozen. The filleted fish will be packaged into airtight plastic before sold to various seafood markets. The frozen fish fillet is already boned, skinned, gutted, and then the tail is removed. You can seasoning or marinate them on your own before cook the fillet into healthy dishes or simply eating them raw as delicious mackerel sushi serve with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi.
The second one which is a lot cheaper is canned mackerel fish fillet. This kind of fillet is in whole different level since they are packaged inside steel or aluminum cans/ tins. Canned mackerel fillet is of course more portable and handier than frozen fillet but the quality is usually lower than the frozen fish due to the canning process. However, when it comes to the simpler, quicker, and easier cooking preparation then you can always depend on canned fish fillet products since they are already being cooked and so you can even eat them straight out of the can without need to cook the mackerel fish anymore.
The nicest thing about canned mackerel fish in fillet form is that, you can buy the one with extra seasonings already. There are mackerel fish fillet canned which processed with additional ingredients to strengthen the flavor such as mackerel fish fillet in chili herb, mackerel fillet in tomato sauce, mackerel fillet in mustard, and many more. Here are several examples of canned mackerel fillet products, such as:
1.      Canned mackerel fillet in oils: This product soaked the fish in oils such as olive oil as the most popular oil than sunflower or vegetable oil since it is way healthier than the rest of the oils preservation, let alone soybean oil. The mackerel fish is packaged with extra virgin olive oil which makes the texture and taste better. The mackerel full of nutrition pack and can be eaten alone after the oil has been drained off or you can mix the mackerel with fresh vegetable to make mackerel salad or as substitute of tuna/ sardine salad recipes. Wide variation of mackerel fish fillet in olive oil including mackerel in chili olive oil, mackerel in oil with tomato sauce, mackerel in oil with green beans, and many more.
2.      Mackerel fish in brine: Brine means that the fish packaged with salt water. This fish has lighter flavor than mackerel fish in oil, but still best to be eaten as mackerel salad. Brine is healthier than mackerel in oils since they can retain omega 3 fish oil better than oil. Wide variation of mackerel fillet in brine including canned grilled mackerel in brine which already being processed and grilled from the factory.
Actually, besides those two types of mackerel fish fillet products, there is mackerel fish packaged in glass jar. If you are uncomfortable with canned product, then you have an option to buy canned mackerel in glass jar. Actually, this product is similar with canned mackerel only the way they are packaged is different. If canned mackerel using steel or aluminum tin to package the fish then this one using airtight glass jar. Of course thanks to the appearance of the jar makes the product more interesting and they can be contained with more mackerel fish than smaller cans.
That’s several types of mackerel fish fillet which you can purchase. Find trusted brands or mackerel suppliers when you want to purchase above wide variety of mackerel products so you can get the best quality of fillets.

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Mackerel fish fillet is available with wide range of product forms. Of course when you hear the words fish fillet, you must think about h...

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