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Horse mackerel fish is a vague term since there are people who said that horse mackerel is actually not a real mackerel fish. The fish belongs to the Carangidae family and they like to swim by forming large school and often can be seen swimming with other mackerel and herring. There are two main sources of horse mackerel fish and the first one can be found in the North sea while the second one like to swim in the Western sea and often heads west when the fish growing mature. Horse mackerel is often called jack mackerel as well refers to the Atlantic horse mackerel fish which can be found in eastern Atlantic from Norway to the South America and surrounding waters including Black sea and Mediterranean.

About horse mackerel fish sold in the markets
Horse mackerel as pelagic fish is very abundant and this is why there are the most common mackerel fish sold in the markets. Horse mackerel fish can be sold as many product forms such as:
-          Fresh horse mackerel
Horse mackerel that just been caught in the sea sold immediately to the markets and they can be sold as whole round fish or fillets or steaks as well. The fishes are often being frozen before to prevent spoilage. Some of mackerel suppliers like to sold whole round fresh mackerel as Hgt (Headed, Gutted, Tail-off) with the skin still on or Hg (Headed and Gutted) while the tail and skin are not removed. Of course it is slightly difficult to find fresh mackerel if you live far away from coast since fresh product is spoil quickly than frozen mackerel. But, when you want to buy fresh mackerel on trusted fishmongers look at good quality fish with these conditions:
·         Bright and clear eyes
·         Shiny flesh
·         Deep red gills
·         Fresh sea water odor
·         Firm flesh
·         Beware for thawed previously product claimed as fresh mackerel

-          Frozen horse mackerel
Frozen horse mackerel fish will be a good alternative when you cannot find fresh mackerel. You can easily by frozen fish available at grocery stores or supermarkets. There are frozen whole round mackerel, fillets, and steaks. The frozen mackerel is often packaged inside airtight plastic, the plastic is vacuum packaged to prevent the fish hits air so it will not spoil quickly. When you are looking for frozen fish look at these condition so you can get high quality frozen fish:

·         The package is not torn or damaged
·         For frozen whole round fish, look at bright and clear eyes with firm flesh and shiny skin because it is mean that the fish has just been caught
·         No visible freezer burn
·         The flesh look firm and shiny
·         No discoloration
Before you use frozen mackerel, you should thaw the fish by store it inside refrigerator overnight or for quick thawing process. You can soak the fish (still inside the package) in a bowl of ice/ cold water for few hours.
-          Canned horse mackerel
Canned horse mackerel often sold as canned jack mackerel is one of the common mackerel products you likely found at grocery stores or supermarket. It is the best alternative to get healthy nutrition omega 3 intake because canned fish sold in cheaper price than frozen or fresh horse mackerel fish. There are wide ranges of canned mackerel products available at stores such as canned mackerel in oil, brine, springwater, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, hot sauce, and many more. Buying canned product is quick alternative for simple and easy meals; they also still offer numerous healthy nutrients which not only omega 3 but protein, vitamins, and minerals as well. When buying canned product, check the nutrition fact, sustainable fishing method, BPA-free level, and make sure that there is no leaked cans.
Horse mackerel fish can also be eaten raw known as aji mackerel for traditional Japan sushi dish. Aside eating the fish raw, you can cook the fish with several other cooking methods such as baking, grilling, broiling, pan frying, and many more. You can make the fish into your favorite recipes and then included into your diet. Just make sure that you limit the consumption of mackerel fish due to the mercury concern.

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Horse mackerel fish is a vague term since there are people who said that horse mackerel is actually not a real mackerel fish. The fish be...

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