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Horse mackerel frozen is a type of mackerel that belongs to the Carangidae family. The best one is Atlantic horse mackerel which known as Jack mackerel. Why it is frozen? When the mackerel is being caught in the ocean, they need to be frozen immediately to keep the freshness and then delivered to the factory facilities to be processed into various products or simply as whole round mackerel sold to seafood markets as frozen horse mackerel. The frozen process will ensure that the fish stay fresh as long as they can without being spoiled.

Buying horse mackerel frozen fish at stores
Okay, now you maybe want to know how to buy good horse mackerel frozen fish at your local market/ store. First thing first you should know where you buy the fish because you need to have trusted market where they can supply you with bunch of great quality mackerel fish that properly being frozen. Anyway, thanks to today high technology, freezing some fish is no longer an issue and the fish can be frozen quickly right after being harvested so there is big chance to purchase freshest frozen fish.
After you know where you can buy frozen horse mackerel, then follow these guides to find out more:
1.      The type of the fish styles
Before you selecting the fish, you need to think what kind of frozen fish styles you want to buy, since there are wide variety of frozen mackerel such as horse mackerel frozen fillets, steaks, and whole round. Maybe you can considerate the price when it came to choose which mackerel fish, and you must already knew that whole round fish will be cheaper than mackerel fillets or steaks.
2.      Select whole round mackerel frozen fish
Okay, so we assume that you want to purchase mackerel fish in whole round and then the next thing you need to do is go with visual inspection. Look at the mackerel fish eyes and they should be clear bright without sunken features. Great frozen whole round fish should have shiny and clear eyes since it is mean the fish still fresh and not too long was caught.
Second, check the fins to ensure that both dorsal fins and tail are healthy looking and intact perfectly. If the frozen fish is already kept too long, the fins will look drier and brittle. Next, you can touch or poke the fish too check its texture if the frozen fish is not packaged inside airtight plastic bag. If the fishmonger or market’ staff allowing you to touch the horse mackerel frozen then ensure that the flesh does not feel too sticky and with a little pressure from your finger, the flesh should spring back to its natural shape. If the flesh does not spring back when you press it then it is mean the fish is already too long on the display. Next, you need to inspect the gills as well to check the color and the vitality. The gills should look fresh, clean, and cold. If the fish is already frozen too long then the gills will turn darker. Touch the scales, the fish should have shiny and firm scales and if the fish has flaky and drier scales then do not buy it.
3.      Find out how the fish is frozen
If possible, you can ask how the mackerel suppliers or fishmonger frozen the mackerel. There are manufactures which like to wait until it has already aged to be frozen. The right frozen process is that the fish should immediately being frozen after caught in the cold temperatures to prevent ice crystal damage. When the horse mackerel frozen is sold, the fish should properly be packaged or stored.
Before you use horse mackerel frozen product, you need to thaw the fish for the first. The safest method to thaw the frozen fish is slowly being thawed inside refrigerator. What you need to do is just store the mackerel frozen in the coldest part of the refrigerator overnight. The next day, you can take out the fish and use it as soon as possible. If you want to use the fish immediately, then you can thaw the fish with cold water by soaked it with inside a bowl.

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Horse mackerel frozen is a type of mackerel that belongs to the Carangidae family. The best one is Atlantic horse mackerel which known as...

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