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Horse mackerel price can be found vary since this fish is one of the most popular seafood in fishing industry that sold worldwide. You can get mackerel fish in tinned products, frozen, fresh, steaks, fillets, and many more. When you looking for cheap but excellence source of protein and omega 3 then you can always depend on mackerel fish since it can be cooked to various dishes such as salad, sandwich, soup, served with toast/ bread, and other your favorite recipes. Horse mackerel fish which is known as jack mackerel is an abundant fish and this is why their prices are not too expensive as well.

Inexpensive Horse mackerel price
Canned jack mackerel is just one example of inexpensive horse mackerel price product. You can purchase jack mackerel in oil, water, and brine for $2 to $4 more or less or for cheaper alternative, you can buy canned horse mackerel in pack since usually they are sold with discount price already.
Why you should eat horse mackerel? Sometimes we do not know why people often overlook mackerel, maybe due to the oily texture and stronger smell, they often avoiding eating mackerel. However, it is unfortunate to skip mackerel since it is a good fish to start your day. Mackerel is the safest fish you can try because it contains low amount of mercury substance and it also offer plenty of omega 3 fatty acids plus protein. You can even cook the mackerel with various ways including pan frying, baking, broiling, grilling, and many more.
Buy the fish
To start cooking your horse mackerel dish, you need to know how to tell whether the fish is still in good condition or not especially if you use fresh or frozen mackerel, such as:
-          Look: You can tell the fish going bad through visual inspection. Check the eyes and when you see the fish eyes are already become flat and dull, not so bright then it is mean the mackerel is spoilage. Check the skin and the scales, if you seen the skin becomes fade while the scales loose easily then it is poor fish.
-          Smell: Spoilage fish will smell strongly fishy, fresh and good condition mackerel fish is not smell fishy, but they will smell like fresh sea water or ocean.
-          Touch: Give the fish some touch and pressure, if the mackerel feel sticky then the fish is already gone bad. When you press the flesh and the meat did not spring back then it means the fish is already spoilage and need to be discarded as soon as possible.
With those guides you can buy good fish and avoid spending horse mackerel price on a bad product.
Clean the fish
Now, after you get good quality of mackerel with cheap horse mackerel price, then before you cook it, you should clean the fish first with these steps:
-          Find fresh or frozen mackerel fish and after that place the fish on the cutting board
-          Cut the head if you prefer it, but you can also have an option to let the head on. However, you should cut the throat from one gill to another.
-          Hold firmly the fish's back using hand and then rotate it till you can see some tiny opening which marks its sphincter.
-          Next, insert the tip of the sharp knife in the opening just deeply enough in order to penetrate the fish skin.
-          Carefully you should slide the tip of the knife on the length of the fish belly till the knife reaches its throat.
-          Use your finger to take out the mackerel’s entrails. After that, rinse the belly cavity with cool water until they are clean.
That’s several steps to clean the mackerel fish, but if you prefer boneless mackerel then you can fillet the fish or simply buy canned mackerel with cheaper boneless and skinless horse mackerel fish price. Canned mackerel usually already been cooked so you even do not need to cook the fish again. They are good for simple and quick breakfast plus they are available widely every year at grocery stores.
Horse mackerel price maybe need to be updated more for products such as fresh mackerel since they are only available seasonal.

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Horse mackerel price can be found vary since this fish is one of the most popular seafood in fishing industry that sold worldwide. You ca...

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