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Mackerel fish pacific in Japan such as Japanese horse mackerel is an abundant fish and sold frequently in Japan known as Aji. Horse mackerel or jack mackerel is a silvery flat fish with small size and very famous as sushi topping or serve raw as sashimi. They are famous for daily meals, can be cooked or half cooked in various ways. Japanese horse mackerel can be harvested thorough the year especially from March to August and they are mostly being caught in Nagasaki Ocean. They are available at region Kyushu as well including Shimane, Wakayama, Oita, and Kagoshima. 

Mackerel fish Pacific in Japan is a nice and cheap popular seafood meal
Horse mackerel fish Pacific in Japan commonly sold in wide variety of sizes from about 2 inches to about a foot long as mature fish. They are one of the most popular whole round fish in Japan and they are cheap plus readily available. The fish have rich flavor with oily texture packed with omega 3 fatty acids offering all the good stuff and the fish is very simple to be cooked. You can prepare it by headed and gutted the fish and the grilled it or pan frying it. Larger mackerel need the bones to be removed so you are not incidentally swallowing the bones.
To comfortably eating mackerel fish, the trick is to remove the row of pointed scales which run from the tail to the head. Removing those parts will make the skin more pleasant to be eaten and avoid you from getting prickled. The best way to consume any size of horse mackerel or aji is by grilling them since they are an oily fish, they will not dry out quickly and since the flesh is slightly thin they cook immediately.
Aji Mackerel fish Pacific in Japan can be eaten raw as delicious Sushi Neta
Aji mackerel fish in Japan is a very tasty and inexpensive seafood dish plus they are easy to be filleted. The fish can be marinated in the vinegar and the texture becomes smoother while the excess fish fat being removed. Aji mackerel is really going well if marinated using vinegar rice. The taste of mackerel fish Pacific in Japan is different according to their size and the flavorful aji is said to be really good among sushi lovers.
Other variation to experience Aji mackerel fish Japan
Aji mackerel can be cooked for various dishes, not only for traditional Japanese sushi or even sashimi. There is Namerou, a dish which use the mackerel by chopped the fish and then served with miso plus green onion. There are also tempura mackerel, dried mackerel, as well as deep fried aji are those meals that often consumed by Japanese people at home. Furthermore, there is Namban zuke which the aji mackerel deep fried then served with soy sauce and vinegar glaze. It is great for dashi-stock as well by soaking the fish into water.
Other mackerel fish Pacific in Japan recipes such as Aji-no-himono and Aji-no-fry are two dishes that really famous as homemade recipes. The Aji-no-himono is a classic and traditional Japanese meal for hundreds years already. Aji is served with miso soup, white rice, and vegetable pickles usually eaten as simple and easy breakfast especially if you visit to Minshuku or Ryokan, they like to serve this dish as breakfast menu. But, of course you can also eat it as dinner or lunch. As for Aji-no-fry, it is a horse mackerel price deep fried and usually consumed as lunch and dinner menu but rarely for breakfast. It has soft texture and what makes it even better is the crispy coating. You should try these dishes when you visit Japan!
Of course the country has canned mackerel fish Pacific in Japan too. They are also popular bought by house owner for simple dish. They are presented in many styles as well and you can buy according to your taste. In conclusion, mackerel fish Pacific in Japan is very popular seafood beside tuna and salmon and there are many ways to enjoy this simple fish. Mackerel itself is famous globally and since they are an abundant fish, they sold quickly and harvested quickly as well. Hope this information about Japanese mackerel or aji useful for you.

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Mackerel fish pacific in Japan such as Japanese horse mackerel is an abundant fish and sold frequently in Japan known as Aji. Horse macker...

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