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Mackerel fish live in large school and they can stretch up to twenty miles in length. Mackerel is a common name that used to call numbers types of pelagic fish. They like to swim in warm or tropical waters but not avoiding temperate waters as well. Mackerel like to live offshore or along the coast in the oceanic environment. Mackerel is small and cute fish with fork like tails and vertical stripes on their body. Mackerel like to spawn in shallow waters and thus they like to migrate from one place to another to find the most suitable ground for spawning. They will swim in large stock and typically came back to their original place in small school.
About mackerel fish live and characteristic
There are more than 30 species which belong to the Scombridae family are referred as mackerel fish. There are many types of mackerel that live in different areas including Spanish mackerel, King mackerel, Jack mackerel, and many more. Generally, some species of mackerel fish live in:
-          Atlantic Spanish mackerel: They can be found off the east coast of North America.
-          Atlantic mackerel: They can be found in North Atlantic.
-          Chub mackerel: They can be found in the Pacific; however they like to migrate from one place to another to find perfect spawning ground.
-          Chilean jack mackerel: They can be found in south Pacific from Australia to Chile and Peru.
They like to be caught with purse seine nets fishing method and they are handled as one stock although they can include many different species of mackerel fish live.
Jack mackerel is the most common fish popularly captured for fishing industry products. Mackerel fish is an essential commercial seafood product that consumed by many people around the globe. As an oily fish, they are quick to spoilage thus when you catch a fresh live mackerel then you want to keep them alive, you need to quickly store the mackerel into box filled with waters and ice cube. Meanwhile, if you want to maintain non living mackerel freshness then you should froze the fish immediately after caught. You can keep them for awhile in freezer box before being frozen properly in certain temperature when land on the ground.
Since mackerel fish live in abundant stock, they are many fisheries who like to catch mackerel in such large amounts. Mackerel then being processed into human consumption, animal’s feed, oils, lures or baits, and so on. It is important to keep the freshness of mackerel seafood since the flesh of mackerel tends to spoil quickly especially in the tropical temperature. Fortunately, with today’s tech, it is easy to freeze the fish mackerel after caught before delivered to the facilities for further processing into seafood consumption.
You maybe not know yet, but female mackerel can spawn averagely from 300,000 to 1,500,000 eggs and their larvae or the eggs are swim freely on the open sea. This young mackerel like to animal plankton and when they are matured, they like to feed on smaller animals such as squid, shrimp, and forage fish since they already have sharp teeth. But in turns, they also become prey for other larger predators including sea lions, tuna, sharks, billfish, and even pelicans.
More mackerel fish facts
Below are several quick facts about mackerel fish live that you need to know such as:
-          Mackerel has slender oily body.
-          Mackerel weight from 4 to 10 pounds and can grow up to 12 to 22 inches in length.
-          Mackerel scales are hard to notice because it is really small and thin. They can be noticed after close examination.
-          Mackerel are predator that eat animals, they like to eat meats (carnivore)
-          Mackerel is a healthy fish since they provide natural omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
-          It is recommended to consume mackerel fish 2 to 3 servings per week in order to get omega 3 fatty acids oil.
-          Mackerel has external fertilization and the female fish can spawn tons of mackerel eggs.
-          Mackerel has long lifespan which they able to live up to 25 years in the wild waters.
-          Mackerel like to swim in large school and migrate to find suitable and perfect spawning area.
-          Mackerel has strong flavor but it is really delicious, etc.
Hope those facts above can help you to understanding more about mackerel fish live facts and characteristics.

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Mackerel fish live in large school and they can stretch up to twenty miles in length. Mackerel is a common name that used to call numbers...

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