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Many people buy Pacific mackerel whole round due to the nutrition and they can be cooked in many ways such as baked, grilled, barbequed, roasted, and many more. In addition, whole round mackerel can be stuffed with herbs and seasonings to give stronger flavor. Although cooking with extra herbs and seasonings take longer than mackerel fillet, however they are very full in flavor and worth to be tried. Whole round mackerel in fact is a fresh mackerel that have been frozen with proper temperature around minus 40 to 60 degree Celsius to keep its texture and taste.

How to cook Pacific mackerel whole round?
Frozen Pacific mackerel whole round product needs to be thawed before you cooking them. First you should keep the fish in refrigerator overnight so the mackerel will be thawed gradually. It needs few hours to make the mackerel completely thawed and thus if you out of time and want to use the fish immediately then you can thaw the fish with cold water. You can place the fish inside a pot or a large bowl full of cold water and let the fish sit for few hours to thawing completely. Alternatively, you can running the fish under cool water for thinly mackerel whole round because you do not want to spend too much water for an hour or more just to thaw the fish, right.
One of the best ways to cook Pacific mackerel whole round fish is by roasting the fish. First, you should prepare the mackerel by removing the head, guts, and gills. If you cannot remove them then you can ask the fishmonger to do it. Next, prepare these ingredients:
-          1 whole mackerel about 2-3 pounds already cleaned and gutted
-          Salt and black pepper
-          Extra virgin olive oil
-          1 lemon already washed and then cut into wedges
-          Leftover fennel stalks and fronds
1.      Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
2.      Season the both sides of mackerel with olive oil and salt on the outside and inside. Stuff the fish cavity with the leftover fennel stalks and fronds and lemon slices.
3.      Oven the fish for awhile and then reduce the heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the fish about 20 -25 minutes.
4.      Check the fish, if the eyes turn white and the part near the head feels firm then it means they are cooked.
5.      Let the fish sit for awhile before you remove them and serve the mackerel to the serving plate. You can serve the mackerel with lemon slices. Add more salt if you like.
You can also try to bake the best Pacific mackerel whole round by preparing these ingredients such as:
-          Take 3 whole round fish
-          1 sliced lemon
-          1 tablespoon of coconut oil
-          1 sliced long red chili
-           Salt and black pepper
1.      Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
2.      Place a baking tray along with baking paper
3.      Place sliced lemons on the bottom of the baking tray
4.      Put the fish on top of the lemons and then season with chopped chill
5.      Add the mackerel with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and give some salt to make the flavor stronger
You can add optional ingredients with avocado, baby spinach, rocket leaves, red capsicum, and cherry tomatoes.
You can try above recipes to make healthy and delicious Pacific mackerel whole round dishes. Mackerel is a great dish that you need to try, if you never taste mackerel due to the oily texture then you can give some change because when the mackerel is cooked with proper and the right ways, they can result in a great taste that very addictive.
If you do not like too much preparation when cook the fish then Pacific mackerel whole round product can be replaced by canned product. There is not too much different when you eat whole round mackerel with canned mackerel aside for the nutrition value and the texture. However, canned mackerel is as good as pacific mackerel whole round that you can get. They have delicious taste, softer texture, and even you can purchase the one that is boneless and skinless plus they are cheaper than the mackerel whole round.

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Many people buy Pacific mackerel whole round due to the nutrition and they can be cooked in many ways such as baked, grilled, barbequed, ...

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