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Mackerel Korea also known as Korean seerfish is a part of Scombridae family and they are very popular to be made as Korean dishes. Grilled fish like the one that using mackerel is liked as famous Korean cuisine. They are very simple to be made with quick preparation since you just need to grill the mackerel with additional salt sprinkled or rubbed on the fish and the grill the meats with frying pan or over an open flame. Mackerel is optimal for grilling due to their oily texture, strong flavor, and the firm flesh. Other common types of fish which is good for grilling as Korean dishes beside mackerel are ggongchi (Pacific saury), galchi (beltfish), and jogi (croaker). Now, let’s learn how to make Korean godeungeo (mackerel).
Choosing your mackerel Korea for grilling
When choosing the best mackerel Korea fish to be grilled, the flesh of the fish should be firm with clear and bright eyes. When you purchase the mackerel in fish market or fishmonger, ask them to clean and fillet the fish with the skins still on. The skins will make the mackerel has a nice smoky flavor while keep the flesh moist. However, if you need to clean the fish on your own then do not worry because mackerel is simple to be cleaned and handle. Try to learn how to fillet the mackerel Korea at home.
Before you grill the mackerel fish, traditionally the fish need to be salted and let it sit for few hours. This is an original and old technique to preserve the fish meat. If you do not like the fish has strong salty taste, then you can just simply salted the fish and let it sit for few minutes or about twenty to thirty minutes before cooking them. By salted the fish, it helps to retain the natural flavor as well. The simplest ingredient to make grilled mackerel Korea is salt; however you also can add other ingredients according to your taste with extra ginger or lemon.
Please take a note that mackerel which is small in size is quick to be cooked and that’s why you should pay attention when grilling the mackerel fish and do not overcook it. Even the mackerel will continue to cook after you remove them from the heat source. Meanwhile, there are different recommendations about which part of the fish should be grilled first. As for the mackerel fish, you can cook the skin side for the first because the golden brown color on the fish dark skin have a great contrast with the opaque flesh. Anyway, whichever side you want to cook first, you should ensure that the sides are cooked once and you only need to turn it once while let each side of the fish being cooked without distraction so the fish will not stick to the grill and has a great crust texture.
Here is the recipe which you can try; the mackerel Korea dish will be more delicious if being served with a bowl of rice and vegetables as the side dish. First, you should prepare these ingredients such as:
-          1 fresh mackerel Korea
-          Salt/ sea salt
-          1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of ginger juice (optional)
1.      You should fillet the mackerel into 2 or 4 pieces or simply butterflied the whole mackerel fish.
2.      Cut crosswise slashes on the fish skin side of each piece.
3.      Use clean towel paper to dry the fish and season the fish with salt and if you like lemon juice plus ginger juice.
4.      Let the seasoning sit for twenty minutes before you remove visible trash of salt. After that cook or grill the fish with below methods according to your preference:
-          Grilling: pre-heat the grill and oil it and the place the mackerel on the grill. Each side will be cooked for around 2 minutes.
-          Pan frying: Pre-heat the pan and add vegetable or canola oil, use similar instruction just like when you grill the fish.
-          Broiling: Pre-heat the broiler and cook the mackerel until the fish turn opaque. It needs about 2 or 3 minutes for each side to be cooked.
After you are done finishing mackerel supplier Korea recipe above, you can serve the fish and enjoying them with your family.

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Mackerel Korea also known as Korean seerfish is a part of Scombridae family and they are very popular to be made as Korean dishes. Grille...

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