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Horse mackerel Hg refers to head and gutted fish which is a term in fishing industry. The fish is sold as a whole without the head and guts since they are already cleaned using semi manual technology. When the fish was caught, it needs to be frozen immediately and thanks to today’s high technology; it is getting a lot easier to freeze the fish at sea in very low temperature. This is useful to keep the fish stay fresh as much as possible, even when they are being delivered to the facilities. Now, if you are interested to know more about frozen horse mackerel fish Hg then learn important information below.

Frozen horse mackerel Hg fish in market
If the frozen fish properly handled then the quality of the fish will not reduced and they can last for longer time. The fisheries will catch the horse mackerel and then freeze them at sea. The fish is going to be stored in low temperature in solid ice and then distributed to the factory location. When the whole fish land on the plants, they will be thawed and ready to be processed. As for the horse mackerel Hg, the head will be cut first using scissor by hands and then the guts are taken out using vacuum machine so the fish internal organs can be cleaned perfectly without damage the mackerel fish flesh.
Other important information regarding frozen horse mackerel Hg product is the way they are frozen. With the right method to frozen the fish, it will not only prevent spoilage, but stops the blood from clotting very quickly as well. And it is important that during tropical conditions, the frozen process should be checked regularly to ensure that the fish staying frozen and not thawed.
The way to remove the head and guts can prevent the fish being spoilage too quickly as well. Some of manufactures even cut the fish tail and sold them as horse mackerel fish Hgt. Before they are being processed, the fish will be sorted by size and by type which in this case is horse mackerel. Heading the fish has more advantages because it allows larger fish to be stored in one freezer. Remove the head means that the freezer can be used more effectively and efficiency as well. However, there is one disadvantage by removing the mackerel fish head and that is the fact small part of the fish but not in insignificant amount of edible mackerel fish is tossed away with the head too. Moreover, the cut surface becomes discolored fast and trimming process may need to prevent that.
Methyl mercury in horse mackerel Hg
The nicest thing about horse mackerel species is that the fact averagely has smaller body than other pelagic oily fish. It is true that they are spoilage quickly than larger fish, however in terms or methyl mercury content, mackerel with its small size has its own benefit. Usually small size of fish cannot accumulate large amount of mercury level content than larger fishes such tuna, salmon, and shark. Mackerel life span is shorter too and thus they cannot live too long to accumulate mercury substance.
Although mercury contain small trace of mercury, however when you cook frozen horse mackerel Hg whole round, you still need to limit your consumption since if you eat too much fish, you may end up over eating mercury and this can cause several illness for your body. This is why major organization recommends people to only eat mackerel fish for 2 to 3 servings per week and more importantly, for pregnant women and kids or babies, they need lower consumption of mackerel fish because they are more sensitive to the mercury content than adult in normal condition.
Choosing horse mackerel Hg can be a bit tricky. What you need to do to find trusted fishmonger or mackerel suppliers who can offer you with high quality mackerel fish. If you want to purchase horse mackerel in local fishmonger, then you can ask them to remove the head and gutted the fish. You also have an option to let the skins attached or not. Tell the fishmonger your requirement when buying mackerel fish so it would easier the preparation before cooking the fish.

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Horse mackerel Hg refers to head and gutted fish which is a term in fishing industry. The fish is sold as a whole without the head and gu...

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