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Horse mackerel importers in Africa sold various cape horse mackerel in wide range of products from fresh to frozen and fillets to steaks. The cape horse mackerel is very abundant fish and they are easier to be found at South Africa but mostly of the caught are exported to other countries. Maybe you want to buy or import horse mackerel from Africa suppliers and before you do that you should read these guides to get good quality products or otherwise you might end up with bad and poor mackerel fish.
Choosing horse mackerel importers in Africa tips
There are many horse mackerel importers in Africa available widely and if you try to search on the internet, you can even found list of horse mackerel Africa suppliers. That’s why you should be careful when purchasing or importing horse mackerel and not just buying it from random vendors. There are certain tips that you may want to follow before you do buy the mackerel fish from Africa, such as:
1.      Local market for the mackerel fish from Africa
Before you decide to buy directly from Africa suppliers, you should check whether there are local markets that sell horse mackerel imported product from Africa. You should make some survey for this and ensure that importing will be more profitable than you purchasing at local markets or suppliers.
2.      Are you legally can import those mackerel fish from Africa?
Before you spend your time by searching the best horse mackerel fish importers in Africa, you need to make sure that you are allowed to import goods which in this case mackerel fish and then bring them into your country. Because there are numbers of terms and conditions you should process before you can import some products from another country. You need to check for government prohibitions and particular products that are not allowed to be imported.
3.      Shipping cost to import mackerel fish
The faster you want to get your hands on the mackerel fish, the more expensive the shipping cost will be especially if you want to take overnight shipping. Of course have freshest frozen horse mackerel importers in Africa is nice thing but you need to search and ask for the shipping cost before you make an agreement. You should pay attention for cost that is going to be charged when you order product from overseas company such as:
-          Transport and insurance
-          Storage
-          Taxes and many more.
4.      Ensure that importing mackerel fish is really cost effective

If you import horse mackerel for business purpose then you should make sure that is importing will be a cost effective option for the profit of your business or not. Since there are lots of extra charges that you need to pay when import products and there is possibility that the cost might add up. You need to take some calculation to ensure that you can still get some profit and reasonable return on the investment after you already paid all those charges.
5.      Importing risks
Yes, there are some risks that you need to consider greatly before you take an action to import mackerel fish. There are more risks which you may probably face than you buying horse mackerel in local suppliers or markets. Those risks include the quality of the mackerel and the shipping concerns. If the distance is further then the shipping cost will be higher and it also might be more difficult to deliver the fish into your country. In addition, you need to make sure that the mackerel fish is properly handled and stored to prevent possible damages that might happen during the long journey from one country to another.
6.      Choosing and dealing with overseas horse mackerel fish importers in Africa
Remember that the cheapest supplier is not always the best supplier to deal with import and thus you need to find reputable suppliers that dependable to deliver you best quality products. Dealing with suppliers from other country is possible to be difficult because they have different set of values and cultures from yours which can lead to some misunderstanding. That’s why you need to tell them in detail and clear way before you make a deal.
Before you sign the contract with horse mackerel importers in Africa, you should understand about trading terms used by exporters and importers.

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Horse mackerel importers in Africa sold various cape horse mackerel in wide range of products from fresh to frozen and fillets to steaks....

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