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Horse mackerel whole round fish is meaning that the fish has been sold as a complete intact which exactly just like they were caught. Aside canned mackerel product, buying whole round fish is the least expensive compared with other fish product forms such as steaks and fillets. Horse mackerel itself is commonly applied to pelagic fishes such as jack mackerel in the family of Carangidae. It has small size with oily texture and usually were caught to be produced into several mackerel products including fresh and frozen horse mackerel whole round.
Finding good fresh or frozen mackerel whole round can be a bit tricky. Round mackerel fish has the tail, head, and viscera still intact and when the fish are processed they can make it into fillets, steaks, soup stock, canned product, and loins. When purchasing whole round mackerel, there are several things you should consider so you can avoid buying bad mackerel. Here the guides that explain how to buy horse mackerel round fish.

Guides to buy horse mackerel whole round fish
First, you should pick up whether you want to buy fresh or frozen round fish. Of course fresh fish is the best qualities to be cooked since they are just caught right out of the ocean with its freshest texture and smell. However, if you are not live near coast or fishmonger that can offer you the freshest mackerel then your option is to purchase frozen mackerel. There is nothing wrong by purchasing frozen fish as long as you know how to choose the best one. In the end frozen mackerel is fresh fish that being frozen immediately right after caught.
When you want to buy frozen or fresh horse mackerel whole round then pay attention to some details such as:
-          Only buy fresh and frozen mackerel at reputable markets or fishmonger. You must find trusted markets/ fishmonger that can provide you information about the best mackerel they have so you can buy it.
-          Never buy mackerel sea food more than one day and the worst; mackerel fish that already couple of days old if you want to get the freshest horse mackerel. Avoid purchasing mackerel that displayed in the case even when you see that the frozen horse mackerel whole round fish kept in the ice. You should ask the fishmonger or the staff when the fish have been caught and when they like to stock new mackerel fish.
-          Look at the appearance especially the texture of the fish. Both fresh and frozen whole round fish should have firm and the flesh should adhere firmly to the bones and spring back when you touches them.
-          Smell the fish to ensure that the best quality horse mackerel whole round has a fresh ocean odor. The fish should have fresh sea smell without too much or strong fishy odor. If you find out that the mackerel has fishy off putting smell then it means they are already caught for long time and you just need to ask the markets or fishmonger to get you another one.
When you purchase fresh whole round mackerel fish, you need to use it within 24 hours and not more since they are quick to spoilage since the head, tails, gills, and guts have not been removed and they are the source of contamination. So, process the horse mackerel as soon as possible.
If you buy frozen mackerel whole round, you need to thaw the fish first before you cook it. The thawing process is simple because you just need to store the fish into refrigerator overnight and after that use the fish immediately. You can thaw the fish with cold water as well.
The advantages for buying horse mackerel whole round is that the fish is very abundant and they are one of the most common mackerel species sold in markets. So it will be easier for you to find good quality fish. In addition, whole round fish is usually affordable and least expensive form of mackerel seafood. However, since whole round has the head, guts, and tail attached of course the preparation need more time and you cannot simply cook the fish. Ask the fishmonger to help you remove them if you do not know how to prepare the mackerel fish.

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Horse mackerel whole round fish is meaning that the fish has been sold as a complete intact which exactly just like they were caught. Asi...

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