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Mackerel feathers are come with different size, weight, and design. They are wide range of colors that you can pick to fish mackerel or other species of fish. When you fishing, they are three types of lure which you can choose, the first one is by using living bait or lure, the second option is using non-living lure in form of frozen fish and so on. And the last choice is to use artificial lure in the form of feathers. Feathers are highly associated with fishing for mackerel, but they can also be used to catch other species of fish such as gurnard, pollock, greater sandeel, coalfish, small bass, and other species can occasionally being caught with this type of lure.

About mackerel feathers product
Let’s talk about mackerel feathers product before we move on to another topic. Feather lures has been used for decades for fishing activity as the feathers with its colors pulled though the water looks like a small fish and larger prefatory fish certainly interested to bite the thing. Nowadays, modern feathers do not change too much with the design being made from either synthetic or natural feathers. The feathers then dyed with certain ranges of colors but most common including orange, red, green, yellow, black, white, and blue.
The feathers used for fishing by mounted onto the hooks and then tied perfectly into the rig with maximum containing either 3 or 6 feathers. There are people who love to tie single color of feathers into the rig, but others prefer to use a mix of colors. Even though it is important to be noted that mackerel fish thawing is not fussy feeders and will certainly snap anything which resembles smaller fish regardless of the color you want to use. In addition, it is logic that six hooks of mackerel feathers rigs can potentially catch more mackerel fish, but many people prefer to use three hooks of feather rigs instead. The reason is that using 3 hook feathers rig is a lot cheaper and less complicated to be handled plus they are also less likely to tangle when reeling or casting in.
Actually, there are other types of fishing lure which you can use such as Daylight lure which made from synthetic plastic material that mounted into a hook. This lure almost has similar feeling and design with range of colors and large predator fish can mistakenly it as small fish. However, if feathers usually come with either 3 or 6 hooks, Daylight is commonly comes in rigs with 4 hooks of Daylight. This type of lure is just as popular as mackerel feathers and people often prefer to use this instead of traditional feathers.
Which one is the best, mackerel feathers or daylights?
This is all about personal preference since there is no evidence using feathers or daylights will make any difference in catch rates. For those people who prefer to use daylights, they believe since daylights can reflect the sunlight better then the fish can more clearly see it than mackerel feathers hook especially in colored or musky and deep water. But, other people who prefer to use feathers to catch mackerel as well as other types of fish, believe that the wide range of colors offered by feathers will be more attractive to predatory fish than daylights.
In conclusion, despite on-going and long debate about which one is better between feathers or daylights, until now there is no proof that feathers outfit daylights, and oppositely. And decision to use either daylights or feathers or other artificial lures is mostly comes down to the personal preference.
Just for extra notes, most of feathers and daylights product available with 2/0 hooks fitted size which is ideal to catch mackerel fish. Meanwhile, feathers and daylights can also come with different size of hooks which intended to catch smaller fish such as herrings or larger fish too. The quality of the mackerel feathers is different from one to another. Avoid buying cheap sets because usually the line is weak and not so good for casting. Of course at first they might be able to catch a mackerel for you but then the rig body of cheaper feathers set tends to snap when you casting with reasonably light leads.

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Mackerel feathers are come with different size, weight, and design. They are wide range of colors that you can pick to fish mackerel or o...

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